Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011

pretty weird.

some quite weird fotos for you today. i have just been in the mood to try something different, i hope you like it. i found some orange make up and i really wanted to try it. at first i looked like a freaky bird or something :D wah i have to hurry up with buying all the cristmas presents.. why is it so stressy ? there is so much to do and i have to tell you i dont have that much money left for it..:D
today i spent some hours in the city with jo ♥ and we walked through the shops and saw all the things we wished for when we were younger. barbies and so on. but the different is, that today they are able to talk, sing or do other crazy things :D
tomorrow i will take some special pictures for you ! you will see ! and i just have to say thank you again. i am glad to have such amazing readers!

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