Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

&other stories

pre-shopping time! the new lable &other stories is now opened for us. i just had a look at the collection and entered through the pre-shopping link i got because of the newsletter and i was completly amazed about the whole shop, there are so many reasons to love &other stories. 

First reason: the layout and the design of the website is great, reminds me on tumblr and is full of inspirastions. all the fotos are so lovely and really mixed. you have a choice between many different styles and things. it does not look a normal onlineshop, more like a collage of streestyle fotos and great memorys of daily life, really good combination in my opinion.

Second reason: the fotos! it is so refreshing to see those shots that are completly different than those standard fashion shop fotos. i think they look like a fashionshow-backstage-model-on-tour-snapshot and the other half just looks so natural. fashionista meets lovel basic girl. everything looks so lively like a moment that is fixed in a foto album or something. really well done!

Last and most important reason: PERFEKT FASHION! shoes, bags, jewlery, glasses, clothes all thad i saw was individual and pretty. lovely basics, freaky eyecatching pieces, high fashion looks, casual and elegant stuff as well. a mixture of everything you need and after having a look, you also want it all! have a look!


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