Montag, 17. Januar 2011

shake it off its just whatever ..

hey evryone ! hope you had a wonderful day . my day was ok , i am a little bit ill , but i really dont need it . the weekend i will do a trip to a little house with many friends , we are going to make some music there , so i shouldnt be ill .. cross you fingers for me :D
this year i will be able do do some great posts for you , for example of my berlin trip in the summer , my st:tropez trip i will also o in summer , of my industrial placement i will do in a studio for weddingdresses , from my own designed things i will sew ( when my sewing machine will be ok :> ) , of the cheerleading  championship and fashion shoots . but the best thing is that i will take all these fotos with a reflexcamera , i hope :) and svenja and me will post some of your great ideas .
and i could post some nice fotos and inspirations , what do you think ?
thanks for reading !♥

3 Kommentare:

  1. It's so interesting, I can wait to see your new post!
    It will be nice if you post some nice fotos and inspirations:)

  2. ich liebe diesen blog einfach und das bild ist echt schön. schau doch auch mal bei mir rein ♥

  3. Nice pic :)
    Come into my blog if you want :)