Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

inspiration: alma jodorowsky

this is in my opionion one of the well dressed girls today, it is the french actress, model and once a blogger too, alma jodorowsky. the last years, i've been always reading her blog. in a way, she was also the reason i started it. she had this inspiring aura, a beautiful and extraordinary sense of fashion, a pretty face, amazing fotos, she lives in one of my favorite cities, paris, and she seemed to have this amazing lifestyle. she was always something like an idol for me even if it sounds strange. i was really impressed by her outfits. she mixed simple and basic pieces with special and really eye catching pieces like fur jackets, big necklaces, crazy printed clothes, colorful shoes, hair accessory etc. alma comibined her clothes in a way that looks really refreshing, young, independant and as if she wouldt care about it. and this is i guess what many girls want to reach, looking perfect and at the same time like not have planed to do so. this special case reminds me of serena van der woodsen, one of the main characters at the tv famous and well known tv show gossip girl. in my opinion this appearance is something you can be jealous of.
to me she also looks like 'the typical french girl' as i imagined. a pretty and skinny girl, long and beautiful brown  hair, natural look and using eyeliner of course. for me alma represents a girl that dresses in her own way no matter what others think about and without trying to be something the  others want her to be.  this is what i personally have to keep in mind more often. i hope you liked this post and maybe she will inspire you as much as me!

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