Samstag, 17. November 2012

friday city girls

hey, i am back here on my blog. i had some busy days and i thinks this will stay like it is for the next months, it seems to me like the end of the year is the hardest time but somehow i like that, it wouldnt be the same without it. well yesterday i spend my afternoon with alina downtow. we were kind of silly and sat half an hour in one and the same changingroom just laughing and taking stupid fotos. really senseless but actually pretty funny. and this was something i needed. i have to start thinking about my future. in one year i will do my final exams and i dont exactly know what to do in my life. this descision is unfortunalety hard to make and i am afraid of regreting it someday. i should start to infrom myself about the possibilities that i have.
another thing  wanted to tell you about was my shooting today. i worked with a good friend of my family and we had a great shooting in her pretty studio. i can really say thatt we did something else than i always did before, just to show that i am able to do something else and this was pretty funny. i am very grateful for this shoot because i can use the fotos for my model agency applications. so now i wish you all a nice and i hope you are not getting tired of readign my blog and if you do, just tell me what yo want me to change:)

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