Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

new ring .

wah i dont wann believe that 3 weeks are already over . i always remembered the summerhollydays as an endless time , but now the first part is gone so fast .. maybe it was also because i havent been at home . most of the time i have been away , doing crazy things with my friends . the next two weeks i will be in denmark , i hope i will take some nice fotos to show you . well , after the next 2 weeks whitout updating the blog for you , i have to start blogging better . maybe another design , other topics , more pictures , more videos .
what do you think , if you have any ideas how i could improove mission vintage , send me a mail !
see you :)

4 Kommentare:

  1. great ring! :). Bracelet is with holy people? ;o wow, I had ever seen something similar! :). It's very oryginal.

  2. i really love this ring! it's beautiful:)

  3. thanks for the sweet comment
    i like your style as well and especially this bracelet !

  4. I looove it!! I want a same one! I love silver rings with turqoise stones! :)