Montag, 11. Juli 2011

things i want to do this summer .

to try to curls my hair as amazing as lauren conrad
to try one some super old clothes i almost forgot
to vistie my favorite places

to use my hand as a notebook
to eat a whole glas alone

to read all these books

to try some new hairstylings

to create my own sac

to buy some cool summer clothes

to wear my new hippieband

to do a little picnic with some friends

to paint every toe nail in an other red shade

to relax on a pool

to buy some things at primark

to drink a caramel frappocino

to eat some delicious ice creams

to keep every inspirering picture and put it a book

to make my own ice cream

to plant some flowers

to buy some vintage or second hand stuff

to make some music
what are your plans ? tell me what you want to do . the one who has the most creativ idea will be presented on my blog . :)

7 Kommentare:

  1. great post. (': my plans are to go to London and get exam results haha.x

  2. london , that sounds great ! then you will be able to do one of my plans , its the primark thing :) enjoy it !

  3. Since you asked for it, I want to present my plans too: I'd like to get my exams and coursework done, I want to spend at least two weeks on the sunshine island (which is Fehmarn of course!), I'd like to sleep in and stay in my pyjamas all day, I'd love to have a 'Flat white' at Costas with my British friends, I want to play catch 1000 (or 500?) and to be spoilt by my lovely grandparents, I want to see my parents and brother for more than 3 days in a row and to see cars having the same numberplate as mine (at least the first three letters :P) aaaand I'd like to go to the cinema with you and Pauly maybe? ;) xxx

  4. that sounds great ! i'd love to play catch 1500 :D and its also a great idea to go to the cinema with you , and mkaybe there you can give me the ellie goulding cd ?:)

  5. great plans, can i write it also on my blog??? with my ideas?

  6. sure you can do what ever you want , you can send me the link if you want :)