Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

st stropez



family breakfest :)
 st tropez

 market in st tropez

 st tropez streets


 the beach

who do you prefer , leighton or blake ?

 outfit 1

 outfit 2

 cocktail nigth

hello everyone , after a long time without blogging , i am back to tell you about my last two weeks . at first we stoped in switzerland and we stayed there for 2 days . for a little wellness trip . it was so amazing , the fresh air and the nature . then we were goning to st tropez , i have been there already 6 times . and i really enjoeyed relaxing on the beach , going to a few cute markets , walking along the streets of st tropez , eating on the beach and going to some cool partys int the beach clubs . one day there was a there was foam party in an luxurious pool club . all the people around us were danceing in the pool and drinking champagne , i felt like i have been part of a gossip girl party :D but the best thing was , that we found a new friend , she is called anna , and she is such a lovely girls ! we had a great time together :) the next post will be about her . we did a little shoot on the beach , so you'll see :)

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