Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

2012 moments


this was how my year started, celebrating the new year with my lovely friends all night.

my 16th birthday was this year and like every girl me and my best friends planed a big sweetsixteenparty which was really great

this foto shows one of my favorite moments this year, it was the cheerchampionship we won . it was just such a wonderful feeling because our success was kind of unexpected and i love the surprises that live has for you!


me and luisa  doing nothing that makes sense in anyway which is not really unusual

 the best food in the universe, sushi!

going out with my girls, drinking some cocktails or just hanging around outside was always a good possibility.

i loved spending my free lessons with johanna downtown!

coffee my love! the first months of this year i visited to coffeestores to relax and after the summer i got a job there,so things changed a bit.

this foto was taken at a really special night, svenjas 18th birthday. i helped her to prepare everything for her party.


this year svenja and me also did our little shooting projects, it got a kind of tradition i think.

because of the big art exhibition "documenta 13" there was this cool fotobox and lilly and me left a lot of money there this year!

this was maybe one of the hottest days and it is pretty crazy that it was in april! but johanna and me very happy about that because we missed summer so much and so it was no question to enjoy the nice weather as long as possible.

another lovely moment of my year. this picture was taken at a family party with many nice people and good food around me.

i dont really like this foto but i love the situation when it was taken. lilly and me were walkign around in the parks and laughed about many stupid things.

definitly one of the strangest and funniest days! do you know those days when everything you do end in an embressing and absolutly funny situation? it was one of them!


hm twins?

i really enjoyed getting into contact with an old friend of mine again!

this was at the opening party of a cupcake store.

me and my girls in london,this was a great start in a wonderful summer and i fell in  love with the city!

a picture that everyone has in mind and i was so grateful to be there and to see all the monuments and sights in london, would be so cool to go there again.

well i think i dont have to tell what i did in london


i think this was one of my favorite days this year. two good friends visited katha and me in summer and they came from hamburg to us! i was so happy to see them again because i missed them damn much. we spent our time at the documenta and in the park.

and of course we also had to try the fotobox!

the summerhollidays were really perfec! my girls and me toured through germany and had ten sing concerts with 200 crazy and wonderful ten sing people! this foto was taken at the relaxing part on the seaside,how much i miss it!

this time also offered a lot of time to think about myself and i realized that somethings have to change. i noticed that i did a few things for which i would hate other people and i dont want to behave in a way that i dont want others to behave. sometimes you just have to remember things like that to get back on the right way. even if it souns strange.


and again a good friend from hamburg came to visit me and my best friend. it was a really good summer in this context i guess. and as you see it was a really good night too because there were many good party locations for the documenta artists and tourists.

danceing belongs to nights like this as well. of course!


one of my favorite art works this summer!

2012 includes many good moments that i shared with my lovely lilly.

and with my sister as well!

i found some cool places that i have never been before. then i would call this the favorite place discovered this year. it was an old house and artists from america created the project to build up the ancient house to an individual and modernbuilding. therefore they used material from other broken houses. it was very surprisng and it seemed so real because you could walk around in the house and the artists themself lived there, thank you documenta for those great memories!

judith and me spending our free lessons together. we always foudn a good way to kill the time. and this was pretty nessesairy between all the tests and schoolstuff.

lovely lilly and her pretty lamp she got as a birthdaypresent.

hanging around with k!

sleepovers with my best friend are the perfect way to escape the things that annoy you and that you have to do every day, thank you for that honey!


new hairstyle, this foto was taken directly when we came back from the hairdresser. i just love it!

this summer i got a job and this offered me to do a little shopping, what i did in this case with alina.

we were a bit inspired by blair and serena i have to say!


i am grateful for all the cool shootings i had this year. i started doing this in 2012 and i am happy about all the nice contacts i conected through this!

hehe you already know this foto and the story behind it. well all in all it was just one of the good days.

wow, while i prepared this i noticed how the time was running and how much i did this year,how many things happened and have changed. it makes me a bit scared because everything goes by faster than i want it to. but i have those great memories that will stay but of course this cant describe the time exactly. this is not what i want. i just thought it would be a good thing to reflect the last months and it i honestly have to say that it took me a lot of time. but i was amazing to remember all those things and i think i will sleep very good tonight because i will have all those pictures in my mind. hope you had a good year too my lovelies, and thank you for reading my blog, even if the comments were not really existing but this souldnt be the goal of a blogger! so have a nice time guys.

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