Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

getting ready for christmas

 pink grapefruit bodyspray from bodyshop, it is my favorite and i am so happy because a good friend gave me this as a christmas present!
 my newrepair oil for my broken hair dips. my hairdresser told me about that product so i decided to try it and i am really happy because it works. my hair feels much more healthy than before.

 it is christamas and i want to feel the special christmas mood all the time, also when i take a short look at my nails. i found this lovely glitter nailpolish a few days ago and i am excited to try it for my christmas manicure.
 new pink lipstick ! it is pretty cool to use this as an eyecatcher to pimp a simple outift.

 i decided to wear something else than big necklaces as i do everyday. so i looked for some nice earrings.

love that pieces because you can wear it as a blouse and as a cardigan.

 i found this pretty dress at the new mango store. it is very simple and elegant in the same way. by the way it is very comfortable and this is important for a cosy christmas eve i think.

 outfit plans for the first christmas day.

my mood is getting better every minute. i have finished my work before christams and i will spend the next days with decorating the christmas tree, relaxing on the couch and watching movies with my family. well it sounds good doesnt it? i hope you have some nice plans as well!

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